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In the Nescafế-Country

The national pride of the Filipinos - Strength and references

Balete Trees

Traffic vehicles with two and three wheels

Frater Damaso in Rizals "Noli me tangere" 




Diego Silang and Gabriela Silang - Los Indios Bravos

A Figure of the Philippines

The tragic fight of Andreas Bonifacio

Josephine Bracken - Her bonds of love with Jose Rizal

Sea Captain Schück in the Sulu Sea

Flag and anthem

Yamashitas Gold Treasure

The neglected Heritage - Old Spanish Churches in the Philippines

King Philipp II and the Philippines

Present Time / Politics

South-East-Asian Race for the Spratly-Islands

Jose Maria Sison-the cofounder of CPP and NPA - in the dead end

Putative States in the Spratly Islands Archipelago

Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan - Rebel in continuous suspicion

Conrado Balweg - Priest, Guerrilla-Leader and Politician


The Durian: Fruit of Extremes

From Seaweed, Sponges, Cucumbers and Sea-Turtles

Sampaguita: The National Flower

Bicols Pride: The Pili-Nuts

Pineapple production in the Philippines

The Narra-Tree

The Perfume-Tree Ylang-Ylang

Rattan Palms and Rattan Products

Balete Trees

Animals (Fauna)

Delicious Milkfish (Bangus)

The Culinary Provocation: Duck Egg (Balut)

The Carabaos - Farmer's Best Friends

The commercialized Seahorses

The uncertain future of Giant Clams

Malignant and dangerous - sand flies and stone fish

Coconut Crab and Rhinoceros Beetle

Millipedes and Centipedes

The Philippine Glider (Flying Lemur)

The dangerous Beauty of some Cone Snails



Nature - Weather

Philippine Mountains

The Apocalyptic Riders: Typhoons in the Philippines

The Philippine Trench

The muddy waters of the Pasig River

Travelling by Banca ....



The Zobel Dynasty

The Chinoy Minority

Sari-Sari Stores

In the Nescafế-Country


The Chinoys

Do and Don'ts in nonverbal communication

Ironic Investigations on true Filipino

Plastic Slippers - Unavoidable Travellers

The Barong

Volte-face in Philippine soccer?

Creatures of Midnight

Cockfighting: Passion and Vice

Career of the boxer Manny Pacquiao

Dr. Lasa's catalogue of medical services - An ironical gloss

In the country of sunshades, sunhats and hand fans

The Bolo


Sun, Moon and Stars - An Excursion in the Philippine Mythology

Philippine Sayings

The neglected Heritage - Old Spanish Churches in the Philippines

The Statue of Santo Nino

The Philippine Saints

The promised luck - Mike Velarde and the El Shaddai Movement

Introduction to the Films of Kidlat Tahimik

Worth Seeing

Waterfalls in the Philippines

The Rice Terraces around Banaue

The Gentle Giants of Donsol: Whale Sharks

Beauty and Horror of Mount Mayon

The neglected Heritage - Old Spanish Churches in the Philippines

Philippine Mountains

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